Dr C H Asrani

India’s first Family Medicine clinic to be ISO 9001:2000 certified in field(s) of Family Health and Corporate Health

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Achievements Achievements

Senior Health Insurance Consultant –

World Bank – 2018 – 2022.


Nominated – Legend in General Medicine at Times Healthcare Achiever’s Awards, Mumbai – hosted by Times of India.

India’s first Family Medicine clinic

India’s first Family Medicine clinic to be ISO 9001:2000 certified in field(s) of Family Health and Corporate Health

Best Portals on the Web

www.growingwell.com (since 2000) & www.justeves.com (since 2001) acclaimed as one of best portals on the web w.r.t content quality and ease of navigation.

Established as a Teacher of Family Physicians

Established as a Teacher of Family Physicians, both for clinical as well as non-clinical subjects. Over 500 Scientific Presentations at various fora.

Research in Family Practice

Research in Family Practice – helped pioneer concept of research in Family practice, essentially of already accepted molecule(s) for newer indications.

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Special Award

Best Profession Award

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Special Award

Best Profession Award

Vision Vision

  • To offer comprehensive, appropriate, cost-effective healthcare ensuring rational use of investigative modalities deploying Evidence Based Medicine
  • Hone clinical skills of practicing doctors; imparting complex medical knowledge in lucid language, easy to imbibe, retain and retrieve format.
  • Leverage Medical, Forensic, Legal insights to help the industry – pharma, corporate health, insurance
  • Integrate IT into primary care to widen the foot print of quality evidence based medicine delivery across borders.


Mission Mission

  • To empower healthcare professionals with cutting-edge knowledge and skills through comprehensive and innovative continuing medical education, fostering excellence in patient care, promoting lifelong learning, and driving advancements in the field of medicine. Also, to aid them in fields of managerial skills, finance management and quality of life

Client Reviews Testimonial

Dr Vaishali Bhagat Vice-Principal. Dr. Mrs Vaishali Ajay Bhagat Associate Professor Anatomy BVDUHMC PUNE 43

I have been closely associated with Dr Asrani Sir since I have joined my Postgraduate Education. 19 years of having a learning experience through him has made my practice progress. The teachings of him through his webinar and seminar on Practice as Family Physician has always enhanced clinical acumen. InCHES Academy and now Amara will remain in the zenith for imparting best Clinical knowledge through his hard work and dedication towards medical fraternity. Thank you.

Dr Robitkumar Patel GSM 1972 batch)

Congratulations and Best wishes to Dr C H Asrani on starting a new venture. I have known him since 1992, from G. S. Medical days. He was very successful Cultural Secretary. Dr Asrani spreads knowledge, practical and to the point, thereby helping hundreds of budding and senior Doctors to improve their skills, growth in their professional career, benefitting patients. I am settled in USA but have attended more than 100 INCHES Webinars. Dr Asrani's mission is best described by this Shloka. चौर्यम, न भ्रातृ भाज्यम, न च भारकारी । व्यये कृते वर्धित एव नित्यम, विद्या धन सर्वधन प्रधानम अस्तु ।

Dr Ashok Madan USA

Dr Asrani is a skilled and knowledgeable Physician. He has remarkable academic and medical expertise. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to attend and learn from his webinars.

Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy Founder Editora - National Journal of Homeopathy

When I founded NJH almost 3 decades ago, Dr C H Asrani was taken on as Clinical Editor. Last 30 years he has been empowering us and our subscribers with clinical medicine Gyan. "What not to miss while treating a particular condition". "Suspecting an emergency". "Rational and right time referrals". Thousands of similar clinical tips that one could use in day-to-day practice and almost immediately. His Clinical acumen and ability to share knowledge in a lucid manner is unmatched. We all wish Amara Health to create benchmarks in Digital Continuing Medical Education.

Dr. Shilpi

The webinars conducted by Dr. Asrani sir are highly educative and informative for all!

Dr Brijal Juriasinghani

It is extremely important to have knowledge from a knowledgeable person who is good in teaching. Registration charge will be valuable. Periodic test with help.

Dr Amarkant Baranwal

Dr Asrani you are doing great job by arranging weekly webinar it is very useful to understand the topic throughly because of your excellent explanation how do you get time with such a big opd your last two

Dr Shankar Chawla

Sir, some practical clinical exposure either in hosp, nursing home or OPD consultation shall fill the gap between theory and practice. Consider Contact sessions. Thank you so much for your selfless serving.

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