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HEAL - Health and Empowerment Alters Life


At Health & Empowerment Alters Life - a Sainath Family Health Centre, we offer Health, Medicine & Human Relations related training both for medicos and corporate sector.



Perfect blend of family health & corporate health

Why a combo of Family Health & Corporate Health?
Companies, gradually, look at their staff as an extended family and like to care for their total well being. Corporate health is primarily screening, preventing disease and promoting of health - similar to the features of Family Health. Both involve only a very small percent of tertiary care.

It is therefore natural to blend family health with corporate health. At Sainath Family Health Centre, our aim is to make our clients, both individual and corporate, achieve better productivity through total Health management.

ISO certification:

FIRST IN INDIA - an ISO 9001:2000 certification with the scope

Registration Schedule and Scope Registration Certificate

"Disseminating HealthCare services to the community as Primary Care & Corporate HealthCare physician offering the entire spectrum of preventive, promotive & curative services".


The mission of the Family Medicine is to provide compassionate, accessible, high quality, cost-effective and customer-focused interdisciplinary health care.

Comprehensive approach implies care of individuals and families using clinical, behavioral, social and information sciences. Particular emphasis is on the diagnosis and cost effective management of common ambulatory problems. The entire spectrum of comprehensive services includes

  • chronic and acute illness care
  • preventive health maintenance
  • health promotion and wellness
  • education and counseling and
  • specialty consultation and referral


  • 2 ECG Machines
  • Clement Clarke (UK) Spirometer for estimating lung function test
  • All Vaccinations with telephonic reminder 1 day before due date
  • Dispensing healthcare with minimum stress on investigations, more weightage given to clinical examination
  • Different modules of Preventive health checks


Over the last decade or so, direct link between health and performance has become obvious to corporations. Enough evidence exists to show that corporations have begun to see significant returns when they take a proactive approach to protecting the health of their team.

Corporations that value the role employee health plays in their productivity and prosperity can take advantage of the integrated services of Sainath Family Health Centre to optimize the health assets of their work force.

Employee health promotion programs have had tremendous success in targeting specific risks to the overall health of the work force and dramatically lowering those risks (and costs) through proven interventions.

Tackling the primary health issues jeopardizing the fitness of companies, our services are the perfect opportunity to educate, motivate and mobilize employees towards healthy lives. Seminars and individual sessions with our dynamic team of health and behavioral specialists focus on lifestyle changes that mitigate the risks associated with obesity, smoking, lack of exercise and poorly handled stress.

Employer benefits

  • Increase employee satisfaction, as health benefits have been identified as the single most important factor in employee morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs: reduction in sick leave and absenteeism, expensive health care utilization costs and injuries on and off the job
  • Strengthen corporations ability to recruit and retain quality workers

Employee benefits

  • Early screening for diseases
  • Promotion of healthy habits and lifestyle changes at home and in the office
  • Education of individuals using proven and cost-effective methods
  • Support in developing and adhering to personal health enhancement plans
  • A committed relationship that centers on patient advocacy and guidance
  • Improved compliance with clinician prescribed medications and recommendations
  • Access to our network of medical specialists


At Sainath Family Health Centre, we have realized that Behavior modification is the single most effective means of preventing disease and improving the quality of employee´s lives and thus, contributing to the stability of the workforce.

We, at Sainath Family Health Centre, advocate continuity and professional reinforcement, the most significant variables in sustaining long -term success. At initial consultation we identify the target goal(s) for health improvement, eg smoking cessation or weight management. These objectives are progressively worked on in monthly tele-sessions. This approach is extraordinarily successful in maintaining individual´s adherence to the health initiatives. These monthly sessions serve to elevate the individual´s attention to health care as an active on-going pursuit, one that the employer has invested in because of its relation to the satisfaction and performance of the employees.

Progressive behavior modification programs that reinforce the targeted goals of the employee´s initial health program have an appreciable effect on an individual´s success in implementing long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes. These programs help motivate people to live out their health strategy throughout the year, long after the new year resolutions have met a happy ending. The continuation of our customized service varies with the needs of each client corporation.


1. HEALTH through Phone, GSM & e-mail
Health advocacy is extended to a wider employee group with this program. It is an opportunity for employees to be exposed to the Sainath Family Health Centre´s approach to wellness. With a package of e-mail contacts, SMS and mobile connectivity for pre-determined hierarchy, employees can use this benefit to complement their existing health care - as an easy resource for quality medical advice on their particular health questions and concerns. The logistics is worked out with client corporation´s IT dept.

Written and verbal (face-to-face and telephone) communications have traditionally been the primary mechanisms for communicating health information. However, with advances in technology, Internet applications for communications between clinician and patient are emerging as another viable avenue for patient communication.

The use of e-mail by physicians allows for follow-up patient care and clarification of advice provided in a professional office setting. e-mail creates a written record that removes doubt as to what information was conveyed. e-mail is especially useful for information the patient would have to commit to writing, if it were given orally. Examples include addresses and telephone numbers of other facilities to which the patient is referred; test results with interpretations and advice; instructions on how to take medications; and pre-and postoperative instructions.

Telephonic consultation is another of our pioneering activity. The employee filling a telephonic query form coupled with the data available with us enables us to offer advice as well as prescriptions.

2. e-Reporting
Final reports of each customer are also sent in soft format giving the concerned HR personnel the power to view the reports at a click. Pre-determined color coding ensures ease of understanding of relevant +ve or -ve findings.

All in all, Sainath Family Health Centre has on offer score of pioneering services to suit all as per their need and requirements.

For details and specific proposals, please write to info@drchasrani.com